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CPT Code 22612 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Bill CPT 22612 for arthrodesis (spinal fusion) of the lumbar spine (the patient’s lower back with bone graft material.

1. What Is CPT Code 22612?

CPT 22612 covers an arthrodesis procedure, also known as spinal fusion, in the patient’s lower back (lumbar spine).

This procedure aims to permanently join two vertebrae by interlocking the spine’s bones by fusing the spine with bone graft material.

The 22612 procedure is often performed for patients with spinal injuries, stenosis, herniated intervertebral disks, or other spinal conditions. The procedure alleviates persistent pain caused by these spinal conditions.

2. Description

The CPT book describes 22612 as follows: “Arthrodesis; posterior or posterolateral technique, single interspace; lumbar (with lateral transverse technique, when performed).”

3. Procedure

The 22612 CPT code procedure begins with a midline incision over the lower back’s lumbar vertebrae, which are affected by the patient’s condition.

The provider incisions through subcutaneous muscles and tissue until the bone is visible. Then, they strip the muscles from the spinous process and posterior lamina out to the facet joints’ mid–portion before using bone-cutting surgical instruments to remove the outer layer (also called decortication).

Next, the provider uses bone-graft material for the bony surfaces, often taken from surrounding structures.

Then, they install metal implants to connect the vertebrae so new bone material can be grown between them.

Finally, they suture the ligaments and muscles of the grafted areas and end the procedure by irrigating the wound, closing the incision, checking for bleeding, and removing all surgical instruments.

4. How To Use CPT Code 22612

Use CPT 22612 for one single interspace (the compartment between two vertebrae) of this procedure.

You may have to report graft harvesting separately if the payer requires that. Check their guidelines before reporting this procedure.

You can not report CPT code 22612. Instead, report CPT 22630 for the same interspace.

5. Resources

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