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CPT Code 36561 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Bill CPT 36561 for placing a central venous access catheter to administer nutrients and medication or to draw blood.

1. What Is CPT Code 36561?

CPT 36561 covers the insertion of a central venous access catheter beneath the patient’s skin. The provider uses the catheter to administer nutrients and medication or draw blood.

The tip of the catheter has to terminate in the;

  • right atrium;
  • inferior vena cava;
  • superior vena cava;
  • subclavian vein;
  • Iliac vein; or the
  • brachiocephalic vein.

The physician uses the tunneling technique to place a catheter under the patient’s skin and between the external access sites and the vein entry.

2. Description

The official description of CPT 36561 can be found in the CPT book: “Insertion of tunneled centrally inserted central venous access device, with subcutaneous port; age five years or older.”

3. Procedure

The 36561 CPT code procedure starts with administering anesthesia to the patient. Then, the provider makes an incision in the deltopectoral area groove and isolates the subclavian vein.

The surgeon creates a subcutaneous pathway or tunnel and inserts the catheter into the vein close to the patient’s heart. Then, they make another incision, create pockets to insert the port, and suture it into the pocket.

The surgeon uses fluoroscopic guidance during the CPT 36561 procedure.

A subcutaneous tunnel or pathway is created, and a catheter is inserted into the vein near the heart. A separate incision is made, and pockets are created for a port to be inserted and sutured into the pocket. The physician uses fluoroscopic guidance during the procedure.

4. How To Use CPT Code 36561

You can use CPT 36561 for a venous catheter with a subcutaneous port inserted peripherally.

It might be helpful to know that Hohn® and triple–lumen catheters are non-tunneled. The Groshong®, Broviac®, and Hickman® catheters, on the other hand, are tunneled.

The 36561 CPT code procedure is performed with fluoroscopy imaging or other techniques. This needs to be billed separately.

Without documentation, you can not bill a catheter placement with the brand names alone because they might be used differently.

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