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CPT Code 63650 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

You may bill CPT 63650 for placing electrodes in the epidural space to relieve, reduce or eliminate spasms.

1. What Is CPT Code 63650?

CPT 63650 covers a procedure in which a provider relieves, reduces, or eliminates spasms by the patient with electrodes in the epidural space.

2. Description

The CPT book describes the 63650 CPT code as follows: “Percutaneous implantation of the neurostimulator electrode array, epidural.”

3. Procedure

During the 63650 CPT code procedure, a health provider guides, under fluoroscopic guidance, a needle into the epidural space after anesthetizing and prepping the patient.

Then, they guide a percutaneous electrode through that needle and move it into the mid-thoracic spine. They then attach an external stimulator to the other end of the electrode.

Different combinations between leads and electrodes are checked/tried until it generates paresthesias noticed by the patient.

Finally, they detach the external unit. They end the procedure by checking the impedance of the leads before attaching them to the leads on the patient’s skin.

4. How To Use CPT Code 63650

You may use CPT 63661, CPT 63662, CPT 63663, or CPT 63664 if the surgeon removed or revised the spinal neurostimulator electrode array.

You may use CPT code 63655 if a portion of the lamina of the vertebra is removed during the 63650 CPT code procedure to implant neurostimulator electrodes in the epidural space.

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