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CPT Code 73610 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Report CPT 73610 if a provider took three or more X-ray views of the patient’s ankle to find the cause of pain, swelling, or fracture severity.

1. What Is CPT Code 73610?

CPT 73610 covers a procedure in which a provider check for swellings, fractures, or other reason for pain in the patient’s ankle by taking three or more X-ray images.

2. Description

The CPT book describes 73610 as follows: “Radiologic examination, ankle; complete, minimum of 3 views.”

3. Procedure

The 73610 CPT code procedure begins with positioning the patient’s ankle in the required body position for the first view.

Then, they take the first X-ray image and record it on a computer or special film. Next, they take another image of the patient’s ankle for the next X-ray photo and continue the process until all the images are taken.

The images of the ankle, taken by the X-ray, show softer tissue darker and bone tissue lighter. The provider uses the images to assess the cause of the pain in the patient’s ankle or the severity of the fracture.

4. How To Use CPT 73610

Use CPT code 73610 for three or more X-ray views of the patient’s ankle. You can report CPT 73600 if the provider only took two views of the ankle.

Every view of the patient’s ankle during the 73610 procedure must be documented. Check the documentation provided by the provider to count the correct amount of X-ray views taken.

Report CPT 73600 instead of CPT 73610 if the provider only took two X-ray views of the ankle.

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