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CPT Code 73630 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Report the 73630 CPT code when a provider performs a radiologic examination with three or more views of the patient’s foot.

1. What Is CPT Code 73630?

CPT 73630 is a diagnostic procedure in which a provider takes at least three views of a foot for the assessment of;

  • congenital abnormalities;
  •  tumors;
  •  arthritis;
  •  fracture; or
  •  injuries.

2. Description

CPT code 73630 is described by the CPT book as: “Radiologic examination, foot; complete, minimum of 3 views.”

3. Procedure

The 73630 CPT code procedure starts with a provider placing a patient’s foot in a stable position. Then, they perform imaging from at least three views. These views can be transverse, lateral, or anteroposterior.

This procedure is performed with an X-ray machine. The machine sends radiation beach through the body part, and the computer or film records the images.

4. How To Use CPT 73630

Report the CPT 73630 procedure for at least three views. You may use CPT 73620 for two views of the foot.

The views taken need to be included in the documentation. Describe the views in the claim and check for documentation to assign the correct views.

4.1 Does CPT 73630 Need A Modifier?

You can not report CPT 73630 with a technical or professional if you report it as a global service.

You can use modifier TC if you report the technical component of CPT code 73630 alone. However, check the payer’s policy if they exempt hospitals because the hospital’s portion is inherently technical.

You can use modifier 26 with CPT 73630 if you report the physician’s interpretation of this diagnostic procedure alone.

4.2 Can CPT Code 73650 and CPT Code 73630 Be Billed Together?

No. According to CMS, you can not report CPT 73650 and CPT 73630 for the same foot on the same service date. Therefore, the claim will be denied and not reimbursable if reported on the same service date.

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