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CPT Code 77002 | Fluoroscopic Guidance For Needle Placement

CPT code 77002 describes an add-on code that describes fluoroscopic guidance to place a needle for biopsy, aspiration, injection or localization of a device.

What Is CPT Code 77002?

CPT code 77002 is an add-on code used to describe a procedure involving fluoroscopic guidance for needle placement. The procedure can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to biopsy, aspiration, injection, or localization of a device.

A biopsy involves taking a tissue sample from a patient’s body to diagnose or rule out a particular condition or disease.

Aspiration is a procedure that involves using a needle and syringe to remove fluid from a patient’s body. This can be a fluid from a joint or a cyst.

The 77002 procedure involves using a fluoroscope, a medical imaging device that uses X-rays to create real-time images of the inside of a patient’s body.

The healthcare provider uses the fluoroscope to guide the needle or catheter to the designated location inside the body, ensuring accurate and safe placement.

CPT code 77002 can be performed by a radiologist or an interventional radiologist, a specially-trained physician who uses imaging technology to diagnose and treat various conditions.


The CPT book describes the add-on code CPT code 77002 as: “Fluoroscopic guidance for needle placement (e.g., biopsy, aspiration, injection, localization device)”


Fluoroscopic guidance is a technique used by healthcare providers to place needles or catheters for various procedures such as biopsy, aspiration, injection, or localization of a device.

This technique is used to detect any lesions in any area of the body except for the spine.

The purpose of fluoroscopic guidance is to identify the level and approach for initial needle placement, ensuring that the procedure is performed as accurately and safely as possible.

When the patient is appropriately prepped and draped, the patient is placed in the supine or prone position under the fluoroscope.

The provider then places the tip of the needle or catheter at the introduction site. Then, using the fluoroscope for guidance, the provider inserts the needle into the desired region, advancing it slowly to the designated location inside the body.

Once the needle reaches the appropriate level, the provider injects contrast material at the site to confirm the proper needle placement.

This step is necessary to ensure that the needle is in the correct location and that the procedure will be performed successfully.

The contrast material is visible under the fluoroscope, allowing the provider to confirm the needle’s location and make any necessary adjustments.

After the needle is confirmed to be in the correct location, the provider may perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures via the needle or catheter.

These procedures can include localizing or identifying a specific area of interest or location of a structure in the body, taking samples of tissue or withdrawing small amounts of cells or fluid to send for further analysis, or injecting a substance to treat a condition such as acute or chronic pain.

How To Use CPT 77002

CPT code 77002 should be reported with an appropriate primary code as it is an add-on code, and payers will not reimburse it unless it is reported with the primary code.

Do not report CPT 77002 with any procedure code that includes fluoroscopic guidance; do not report it with arthrography radiological supervision and interpretation codes.

If the provider uses fluoroscopic guidance to place a needle or catheter tip in the spine or paraspinous region, use CPT code 77003.

For multiple providers, you can report 77002 with modifier 52 and modifier 26.

CPT code 77002 can be used in conjunction with; CPT 10160, CPT 20206, CPT 20220, CPT 20225, CPT 20520, CPT 20525, CPT 20526, CPT 20550, CPT 20551, CPT 20552, CPT 20553, CPT 20555, CPT 20600, CPT 20605, CPT 20610, CPT 20612, CPT 20615, CPT 21116, CPT 21550, CPT 23350, CPT 24220, CPT 25246, CPT 27093, CPT 27095, CPT 27369, CPT 27648, CPT 32400, CPT 32553, CPT 36002, CPT 38220, CPT 38221, CPT 38222, CPT 38505, CPT 38794, CPT 41019, CPT 42400, CPT 42405, CPT 47000, CPT 47001, CPT 48102, CPT 49180, CPT 49411, CPT 50200, CPT 50390, CPT 51100, CPT 51101, CPT 51102, CPT 55700, CPT 55876, CPT 60100, CPT 62268, CPT 62269, CPT 64400, CPT 64405, CPT 64408, CPT 64418, CPT 64420, CPT 64421, CPT 64425, CPT 64430, CPT 64435, CPT 64450, CPT 64455, CPT 64505, CPT 64600, and CPT 64605.

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