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CPT Code 77065 | Unilateral Diagnostic Mammography With CAD

CPT code 77065 is a unilateral diagnostic mammography procedure that uses X-rays and potentially computer-aided detection software to produce and analyze images of one breast.

What Is CPT Code 77065?

CPT 77065 is a diagnostic mammography procedure using X-rays to produce breast images.

The provider may also use computer-aided detection (CAD) software to analyze the images and identify abnormalities, which may involve scanning the images into a computer.

The provider reviews the images again with any CAD-detected abnormalities marked. Then, the procedure is performed unilaterally (on one breast).


The CPT book describes CPT code 77065 as: “Diagnostic mammography, including computer-aided detection (CAD) when performed; unilateral.”


The patient’s breast is placed between two firmly pressed plates during mammography. Then, an X-ray plate on the compressor exposes the breast to radiation to create images.

To improve accuracy and detect abnormalities, the provider may use computer-aided detection software to analyze the images, which may involve scanning them into a computer.

This software helps identify false findings and detects small details in the image. Finally, the provider reviews the images again with any abnormalities detected by the CAD software marked.

How To Use CPT 77065

Use CPT code 77065 for a unilateral procedure. You can report CPT 77066 for the same procedure on both breasts.

Report CPT 77067 for a bilateral procedure but two views from different angles.

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