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CPT Code 82728 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

Report CPT code 82778 for a test that measures ferritin levels in serum, which reflects the body’s iron stores. 

1. What Is CPT Code 82728?

CPT 82728 covers a test for measuring ferritin levels in serum. Ferritin is a protein that consists of 20% of iron and acts as an iron reserve in the human body.

This test measures the levels of ferritin in serum and reflects the iron stores in the patient’s body.

2. Description

The CPT book describes CPT code 82728 as follows: “Ferritin.”

3. Procedure

The 82728 CPT code procedure aims to quantify ferritin levels in serum. Lab analysts commonly use the immunoassay technique to measure the antigen-antibody response.

Ferritin is in small quantities present in serum and most tissues, including iron-producing cells. It acts as an iron reserve and helps clinicians to distinguish patients with iron deficiency anemia or anemia of chronic disease.

Ferritin levels in patients with iron deficiency anemia are diminished, and patients with anemia of chronic disease are elevated or normal.

High levels of ferritin in serum can also indicate hemochromatosis.

4. How To Use CPT 82728

CPT 82728 is often used in with a serum iron test (CPT 83540) and an iron binding capacity test (CPT 83550).

Do not use CPT 82728 for fetal hemoglobin. Instead, use CPT 83030, CPT 83033, or CPT 85460.

Use CPT 82105 or CPT 82106 for fetoprotein, alpha-1.

5. Resources

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