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CPT Code 84153 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

The 84153 CPT code can be billed for testing PSA levels in serum or plasma to detect prostatitis, prostate cancer, or benign prostate hyperplasia.

1. What Is CPT Code 84153?

CPT 84153 covers a test for total PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) in plasma or serum with a laboratory analyzer. A prostate-specific antigen is a protein present in the prostate gland of males.

This procedure is often provided for patients with;

  • difficult urination;
  • painful urination;
  • (too) frequent urination, or;
  • back pain.

A health provider can also order a total PSA test as a routine health screening test.

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate and can be the cause of elevated PSA levels. Other causes can be prostate cancer or benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

2. Description

The CPT book defines the official description of CPT 84153 as: “Prostate-specific antigen (PSA); total.”

3. Procedure

The 84153 CPT code procedure starts with a lab analyst choosing a method to test total PSA levels in a patient.

Blood collection is usually placed before rectal examination because it can raise PSA levels. No other preparation is required before a sample of the specimen is collected. The levels of PSA are mainly tested on plasma and serum.

Possible methods to quantitate total prostate-specific antigens are immunoenzymatic assay and electrochemiluminescence immunoassay.

Immunoenzymatic Assay: Immunoenzymatic assay is a method for testing PSA levels with antigen-antibody reactions.

Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay: ECLIA is the abbreviation for this method and uses antibody-antigen particles reacting by chemical properties and electric charge to produce a color change with automated laboratory equipment.

4. Billing Guidelines

You might want to include HCPCS G0103 with CPT 84153 if you bill for prostate cancer screening with PSA testing for a Medicare patient.

Some other payers require G0103 for screening as well.

5. Resources

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