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CPT Code 84702 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

You can use the 84702 CPT code for technical lab tests that measure the (beta) hCG levels in a patient’s blood to confirm pregnancy or tumors. 

1. What Is CPT Code 84702?

CPT 84702 covers a technical lab test for measuring the amount of (beta) hCG in the patient’s blood to confirm pregnancy or to diagnose tumors of the ovaries or testes.

2. Description

The CPT book describes CPT code 84702: “Gonadotropin, chorionic (hCG); quantitative.”

3. Procedure

The description of CPT code 84702 covers a test performed by a lab analyst for the following reasons;

  • confirmation of pregnancy;
  • monitoring a miscarriage;
  • ruling out ectopic pregnancy;
  • determining the age of the fetus;
  • diagnosing tumors of the testes;
  • diagnosing tumors of the ovaries;
  • monitoring treatment of tumors of the testes; or
  • monitoring treatment of tumors of the ovaries.

The lab analyst measures the amount of (beta) hCG by immunoassay. This is present in the patient’s blood and can be measured in a blood sample after the first ten days of missing menstruation.

4. How To Use CPT Code 84702

The HCG level of the test needs to be reported in mIU/mL.

The results of CPT code 84702 should be assessed for diagnostic purposes in conjunction with the patient’s clinical examination, medical history, and other findings.

The preferred specimen of CPT 84702 is 1.0 mL serum.

No sample should be taken from patients receiving doses of 5 mg of biotin (or more) daily for the first eight hours after administration.

5. Resources

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