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CPT Code 90670 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

CPT 90670 can be billed for administering the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine to children or toddlers to protect them against pneumococcus.

1. What Is CPT Code 90670?

The 90670 CPT code procedure covers administering a vaccine to protect young children and infants against thirteen strains of pneumococcus. This is a bacterial organism that is responsible for causing;

  • pneumonia;
  • ear infections;
  • meningitis; and
  • other ear infections.

Meningitis is a bacterial infection of the meninges that covers the spinal cord and brain.

2. Description

The CPT book defines the official description of CPT 90670 as: “Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 13 valent (PCV13), for intramuscular use.”

3. Procedure

The 90670 CPT code procedure starts with the provider preparing the patient before injecting the vaccine. Next, they inform and counsel the patient’s family and provide them with precautions and instructions before the PC13 is provided.

Once the patient is comfortable, the provider injects the PC13 into the muscle.

The PC13 injection projects the infant or young child against pneumococcal infection and is part of a series of four.

4. Billing Guidelines

CPT 90670 can only be billed for children and toddlers. Administration of the pneumococcal vaccine for adults can not be billed with this code.

You can report the office visit, vaccine, and vaccine administration with different codes.

The 90670 CPT code will only be allowed if you include sufficient documentation about the purpose of the vaccine, the administration, and the vaccine itself.

4.1 Age Range

CDS recommends the age limit for vaccine PCV13 for children younger than five years and children between five and eighteen years old with medical conditions that might put them at risk. d

5. Resources

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