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CPT Code 90677 | Description, Procedure & Billing Guidelines (2022)

You can report the 90677 CPT code for the Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for intramuscular use (but not for administration of it)

1. What Is CPT Code 90677?

CPT 90677 covers a vaccine procedure administered intramuscularly to the patient.

This vaccine aims to protect patients against a bacterial infection that causes pneumococcal disease and protects patients against 20 strains of this bacteria.

2. Description

The CPT book describes CPT code 90677 as follows: “Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, 20 valent (PCV20), for intramuscular use.”

3. Procedure

The 90677 is administered to patients with a risk of getting pneumococcal disease, which causes pneumonia, bloodstream infections, and ear infections.

The provider begins this procedure by explaining the vaccine’s possible side effects before administering it to the patient’s muscles. The vaccine contains 20 types of pneumococcal bacteria (20–valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV20)).

The provider ends the procedure by putting some pressure on the needle wound and covering it with a plaster.

4. How To Use CPT Code 90677

You can use CPT code 90677 for the Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine only and not for its administration.

5. Resources

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