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CPT Code 90847 | Family Psychotherapy | 50 Minutes

CPT code 90847 describes a 50-minute family psychotherapy session involving the patient and their family.

What Is CPT Code 90847?

CPT 90847 reports a specific type of psychotherapy service known as “family psychotherapy” or “conjoint psychotherapy.”

This therapy involves the simultaneous participation of the patient and their family members in a therapeutic session.

CPT 90847 describes a family psychotherapy session that lasts 50 minutes.


The CPT book describes CPT code 90847 as: “Family psychotherapy (conjoint psychotherapy) (with patient present), 50 minutes.”


The provider meets with the patient and their family to talk about the psychological challenges faced by both the patient and the family.

In cases where individual therapy sessions are insufficient, the provider also offers psychotherapy to the patient and their family.

This approach aims to assess the effectiveness of the treatment plan and determine the role that the family members can play in the patient’s recovery.

How To Use CPT 90847

Only report CPT 90847 for family psychotherapy services that last for a minimum of 26 minutes.

Do not use CPT code 90847 in conjunction with any of the following CPT codes: 

  • CPT 97151;
  •  CPT 97152;
  •  CPT 97153;
  •  CPT 97154;
  •  CPT 97155;
  •  CPT 97156;
  •  CPT 97157;
  •  CPT 97158;
  •  CPT 0362T; or
  •  CPT 0373T.

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