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CPT Code 93970 | Duplex Scan Of Extremity Veins (Bilateral)

CPT code 93970 is a diagnostic procedure that uses ultrasound imaging to evaluate the flow of blood in the veins of the extremities and includes additional tests to assess abnormalities and obstacles to blood flow.

What Is CPT Code 93970?

CPT 93970 describes a procedure known as a duplex scan of extremity veins. This non-invasive diagnostic test uses ultrasound imaging to visualize and assess the flow patterns of veins in the extremities.

The “complete bilateral study” part of the description means that the procedure includes scanning both the right and left extremities, usually the legs.

The “responses to compression and other maneuvers” refer to additional tests the physician may perform during the procedure.

The compression test is a way to observe changes in blood flow by applying pressure to the veins while they are being scanned, and other maneuvers could be different types of tests performed to test the veins.

These tests are performed to evaluate if the vein has any abnormalities or any obstruction that would impede blood flow.


The CPT book describes CPT code 93970 as: “Duplex scan of extremity veins including responses to compression and other maneuvers; complete bilateral study.”


Duplex scanning is a non-invasive method for evaluating blood flow in the arteries using real-time ultrasound imaging and pulsed Doppler.

The process allows a physician to visualize and assess the flow patterns of peripheral vessels and can, detect the presence of stenosis or occlusion and identify incompetent veins.

The procedure is performed by a physician or technician using a probe that emits ultrasonic pulses, which travel into the body and reflect as echoes.

These echoes are used to calculate the speed and direction of blood flow and, together with successive pulses, create an image of a targeted plane in the body.

The physician may also perform maneuvers such as compression tests to observe changes in blood flow and examine the vascular flow of both sides of the extremities.

How To Use CPT 93970

CPT code 93970 should not be reported in combination with CPT codes 93985 or 93986 for the same extremity or extremities.

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