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CPT Code 96132 | Neuropsychological Testing Evaluation Services

CPT code 96132 describes a neuropsychological testing evaluation service provided by a healthcare professional. 

What Is CPT Code 96132?

CPT 96132 can be used for billing neuropsychological testing evaluation services 

CPT code 96132 includes the following:

  • Integrating patient data.
  • Interpreting standardized test results and clinical data.
  • Making clinical decisions.
  • Creating a treatment plan.
  • Providing interactive feedback to the patient and their family or caregivers.

The provider administers neuropsychological tests, which measure psychological functions linked to specific brain structures or pathways, to a single patient in a quiet and distraction-free environment.

These tests assess cognitive and behavioral changes in the patient following trauma or illness affecting the nervous system. 

They may include measures of memory, reasoning, language skills, visual-motor coordination, problem-solving ability, attention and concentration, and learning ability.

The provider interprets the test results and diagnoses and develops a treatment plan, which may be discussed with the patient and their family or caregivers.


The CPT book describes CPT code 96132 as: “Neuropsychological testing evaluation services by a physician or other qualified health care professional, including integration of patient data, interpretation of standardized test results and clinical data, clinical decision making, treatment planning and report, and interactive feedback to the patient, family member(s) or caregiver(s), when performed; first hour.”


The provider explains the tests to the patient, parent, and/or guardian and answers any questions they ask.

He administers the tests in writing or orally. He administers neuropsychological tests designed to measure a psychological function linked to a particular brain structure or pathway.

He administers these tests to a single patient in a quiet office environment, free from distractions. Then, using standardized tests, the provider thoroughly assesses a patient’s cognitive and behavioral changes following trauma or illness affecting the nervous system.

He performs a battery of tests to measure the patient’s mental abilities in terms of short–term and long–term memory, logical reasoning, language skills, visual–motor coordination, problem–solving ability, attention, and concentration, and learning ability.

He interprets the test results in the context of the patient’s clinical condition, arrives at a diagnosis, and formulates a treatment plan. He may discuss all this with the patient and family members or caregivers.

Tests used for neuropsychological assessment may include but are not limited to 

  • Boston Naming Test;
  • California Verbal Learning Test;
  • Cognitive Assessment Screening Instrument;
  • Dementia Rating Scale, Halstead–Reitan Neuropsychological Battery;
  • Hooper Visual Organization Test;
  • Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test;
  • Luria–Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery;
  • Wechsler Memory Scales; and 
  • Wisconsin Card Sorting Test.

How To Use CPT 96132

CPT 96132 can only be used for the first hour of neuropsychological testing evaluation. You may use CPT 96133 for each additional hour.

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