cpt 97024

CPT Code 97024 | Diathermy Modality

CPT 97024 can be used to report Diathermy. This is a therapeutic technique that uses heat to treat medical conditions. There are three forms of diathermy: shortwave, ultrasound, and microwave, each utilized to target different medical conditions such as muscle and joint injuries, poor circulation, and joint stiffness.


The CPT book defines CPT 97024 as: “Application of a modality to 1 or more areas; diathermy (e.g., microwave).”


Diathermy is a therapeutic technique that uses heat to treat medical conditions. There are three primary forms of diathermy that healthcare providers utilize: shortwave, ultrasound, and microwave.

A shortwave diathermy is a form of therapy that involves positioning the affected body area between two condenser plates of the diathermy unit.

The heat generated from this procedure is then directed into the subcutaneous tissues, providing a deep penetrating heat. This diathermy is primarily used to treat muscle and joint injuries and effectively reduces pain, stiffness, and swelling.

Ultrasound diathermy, on the other hand, uses high-frequency vibrations to treat medical conditions.

The healthcare provider moves the diathermy unit across the affected body site, generating heat and increasing circulation in the area. This diathermy is often used to treat conditions related to poor circulation, such as arthritis and other chronic joint pain.

Finally, microwave diathermy uses high-frequency radiation to treat medical conditions. In this therapy, the healthcare provider places an applicator on the affected body area and directs the radiation toward the site.

For example, microwave diathermy treats joint stiffness and other conditions that benefit from increased heat and circulation.

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