(2023) CPT Code 97033 (Iontophoresis)

Iontophoresis (97033 CPT code) is a process in which electrically charged molecules or atoms (e.g., ions) are driven into tissue with an electric field. Voltage provides the driving force.

Parameters such as drug polarity and electrophoretic mobility must be known to assess whether iontophoresis can deliver therapeutic concentrations of a medication at sites in or below the skin.

The official description of CPT code 97033 is: “Application of a modality to 1 or more areas; iontophoresis, each 15 minutes.”

Medical Necessity Of CPT 97033

Applying iontophoresis (CPT 97033) is considered medically necessary for the topical delivery of medications into a specific area of the body.

The medication and dosage information may be recorded in the treatment plan or maintained on a separate prescription signed by the healthcare provider responsible for certifying the treatment plan.

Specific indications for the use of iontophoresis application include:

  • the patient has tendonitis or calcific tendonitis;
  • the patient has bursitis; or
  • the patient has adhesive capsulitis. 

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