cpt 97755

CPT Code 97755 | Assistive Technology Assessment

CPT code 97755 describes “Assistive technology assessment” – a comprehensive evaluation performed by a provider to identify the best assistive technology devices or services for a patient with a disability.


The CPT book defines CPT 97755 as: “Assistive technology assessment (e.g., to restore, augment or compensate for existing function, optimize functional tasks and/or maximize environmental accessibility), direct one-on-one contact, with a written report, each 15 minutes.”


Assistive technology assessment is a thorough evaluation by the provider to determine the most appropriate assistive technology devices or services for a patient with a disability.

This evaluation involves a detailed examination of the patient’s physical surroundings and a careful analysis of the functional difficulties experienced by the patient.

The provider must work closely with the patient, taking the time to understand their unique needs and selecting the adaptive device that will best suit their specific requirements.

The ultimate objective of assistive technology assessment is to provide the patient with the tools and resources necessary to restore or enhance their functional abilities and improve their overall adjustment to their environment.

This code requires the provider to be physically present with the patient during the assessment and to prepare a comprehensive report outlining the evaluation results.

Each session should last for a minimum of 15 minutes, and one unit of the code should be used for each such session.

Billing Guidelines

To report on augmentative and alternative communication devices, refer to codes 92605 and 92607.

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