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CPT 99450 – 99454 (Basic Life & Disability Evaluation Services)

CPT Codes For Basic Life and/or Disability Evaluation Services

CPT 99450 Description: CPT 99450 can be reported when a basic exam is performed by the provider performs such as that required to qualify for an insurance policy.

CPT 99451 Description: CPT 99451 may be reported when 5 (or more) minutes is spent by a consultant or the provider evaluating the medical condition of a patient with the help of electronic media and make a report for the referring provider.

CPT 99452 Description: CPT 99452 can be reported when 30 minutes are spent by a qualified healthcare professional, a treating or requesting physician or the provider providing healthcare information to a consultant, via various electronic media, about a patient.

CPT 99453 Description: CPT 99453 can be reported when the provider trains (and sets up) the patient on the use of remote physiologic monitoring equipment. 

CPT 99454 Description: CPT 99454 can be report for every extra 30 days of equipment supply and monitoring. The provider receives daily recordings and/or programmed alerts and supplies a patient with remote physiologic monitoring equipment.

TIP: You can find the complete billing guide for CPT code 99454 here.

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