pathology and laboratory coding guidelines 2019


AMA made several changes in the Pathology and Laboratory 80000 series code section of the CPT code set.

There were 107 new codes added, 47 deleted codes and 32 revised codes.

There is a large revision of the drug screening codes for 2015 with five (5) new codes and the deletion of the current drug screening codes. There are fifty-eight (58) new drug codes for quantitative drug testing and two (2) new therapeutic drug assay codes.

AMA made major changes to the immunohistochemical/cytohistochemical, morphometric analysis and fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) stains for 2015. Revisions were made to the unit of service and eight (8) new codes introduced to represent a clearer definition of single staining procedures, probe staining procedures and multiplex staining procedures.

In molecular diagnostics, the scope of the molecular pathology services codes have increased yet again for 2015, with the addition of three (3) new Tier 1 codes and six (6) new Tier 2 tests added.

In addition, the AMA added a new section Genomic Sequencing Procedures and Other Molecular Multianalyte Assays. This section is commonly referred to as Next Gen Sequencing in the laboratory and twenty-one (21) new codes were added.

Also, the AMA added one (1) new multianalyte assay with algorithmic analyses (MAAAs), which are procedures that utilize multiple results derived from assays of various types, including molecular pathology, FISH and non-nucleic acid based assays. In concert with the addition of this subsection, the CPT code set also contains an Administrative Code List (Appendix O of the code book).


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