HCPCS Code J1170 For Dilaudid

J1170 can be reported for an injection of hydromorphone with a maximum of four milligrams.

1. Description

J1170 is officially described by HCPCS as: “Injection, hydromorphone, up to 4 mg.”

One unit of the J1170 code represents up to 4 mg of hydromorphone.

Routes of administration include intramuscular, an injection into muscle; intravenous, an injection, or instillation of liquid, through a needle into a vein; and subcutaneous, an injection under the skin. 

Hydromorphone works in the body to relieve pain. 

2. What Is Hydromorphone?

Hydromorphone is an opioid medication that treats moderate to severe pain. An opioid is a substance that produces the same effects as drugs made from the opium poppy, or opiates, for pain relief and sedation.

3. Billing Guidelines

Report this J1170 for up to 4 mg of hydromorphone. J1170 represents only the drug, not the administration of the drug.

Dilaudid is a generic drug, and J1170 can only be reported for a drug with the brand name Dilaudid®.




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