CPT Codes For Ablation, Exploration And Excision Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for ablation, exploration, and excision procedures.

CPT Code 19105

CPT 19105 describes each fibroadenoma’s ablation and cryosurgical, including ultrasound guidance.

CPT Code 19110

CPT 19110 describes the exploration of the nipple, with or without excision, of a solitary lactiferous duct or a papilloma lactiferous duct.

CPT Code 19112

CPT 19112 describes the excision of a lactiferous duct fistula.

CPT Code 19120

CPT 19120 describes the open excision of one or more cysts, fibroadenomas, other benign or malignant tumors, aberrant breast tissue, duct lesions, nipple, or areolar lesions (except 19300) in both male and female patients.

CPT Code 19125

CPT 19125 describes the open excision of a single breast lesion identified by the preoperative placement of a radiological marker.

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