CPT Codes For Composite Measures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for composite measures.

CPT Code 0001F

CPT 0001F describes the assessment of heart failure, including the measurement of blood pressure (2000F), assessment of the level of activity (1003F), assessment of clinical symptoms of volume overload (excess) (1004F), recording of weight (2001F), and assessment of clinical signs of volume overload (excess) (2002F).

CPT Code 0005F

CPT 0005F describes the initial examination of the involved joint(s) (includes visual inspection, palpation, and range of motion) (2004F), as well as the assessment of Osteoarthritis symptoms and functional status (1006F) and the use of anti-inflammatory or over-the-counter (OTC) analgesic medications (1007F).

CPT Code 0012F

CPT 0012F describes the assessment of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia, including co-morbid conditions assessed (1026F), vital signs recorded (2010F), mental status assessed (2014F), and hydration status assessed (2018F).

CPT Code 0014F

CPT 0014F describes a comprehensive preoperative assessment performed for cataract surgery with intraocular lens (IOL) placement, including a dilated fundus evaluation, pre-surgical axial length and corneal power measurement, method of intraocular lens power calculation, and preoperative assessment of functional or medical indication(s) for surgery, all of which must be performed within 12 months before cataract surgery.

CPT Code 0015F

CPT 0015F describes the completion of a melanoma follow-up, which includes obtaining a history regarding new or changing moles (1050F), performing a complete physical skin exam (2029F), and counseling the patient to perform a monthly self-skin examination (5005F).

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