CPT Codes For Destruction Procedures On The Iris, Ciliary Body Of The Eye

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for destruction procedures on the iris and the eye’s ciliary body.

CPT Code 66700

CPT 66700 describes diathermy destruction of the ciliary body.

CPT Code 66710

CPT 66710 describes cyclophotocoagulation, transscleral, for ciliary body destruction.

CPT Code 66711

CPT 66711 describes endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation without concomitant crystalline lens removal for ciliary body destruction.

CPT Code 66720

CPT 66720 describes cryotherapy for ciliary body destruction.

CPT Code 66740

CPT 66740 describes cyclodialysis with ciliary body destruction.

CPT Code 66761

CPT 66761 describes iridotomy/iridectomy by laser surgery (per session) for glaucoma.

CPT Code 66762

CPT 66762 describes iridoplasty by photocoagulation (1 or more sessions) to improve vision or widen the anterior chamber angle.

CPT Code 66770

CPT 66770 describes a nonexcisional procedure for destroying a cyst or lesion in the iris or ciliary body.

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