CPT Codes For Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine Procedures On The Hematopoietic, Reticuloendothelial And Lymphatic System

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for diagnostic nuclear medicine procedures on the hematopoietic, reticuloendothelial, and lymphatic systems.

CPT Code 78102

CPT 78102 describes limited area bone marrow imaging.

CPT Code 78103

CPT 78103 describes bone marrow imaging of multiple areas.

CPT Code 78104

CPT 78104 describes a bone marrow imaging procedure that covers the entire body.

CPT Code 78110

CPT 78110 describes a single sampling technique of radiopharmaceutical volume-dilution of plasma volume.

CPT Code 78111

CPT 78111 describes a separate procedure involving a radiopharmaceutical volume-dilution technique with multiple samplings to measure plasma volume.

CPT Code 78120

CPT 78120 describes a single sampling procedure for red cell volume determination.

CPT Code 78121

CPT 78121 describes multiple samples for red cell volume determination as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 78122

CPT 78122 describes the radiopharmaceutical volume-dilution technique for determining the separate measurement of plasma and red cell volumes in whole blood.

CPT Code 78130

CPT 78130 describes a red cell survival study.

CPT Code 78140

CPT 78140 describes labeled red cell sequestration, with a differential organ/tissue such as splenic and/or hepatic.

CPT Code 78185

CPT 78185 describes spleen imaging only, with or without vascular flow.

CPT Code 78191

CPT 78191 describes a platelet survival study.

CPT Code 78195

CPT 78195 describes imaging of lymphatics and lymph nodes.

CPT Code 78199

CPT 78199 describes an unlisted hematopoietic, reticuloendothelial, and lymphatic procedure and a diagnostic nuclear medicine procedure.

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