CPT Codes For Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures Of The Extremities

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for diagnostic ultrasound procedures of the extremities.

CPT Code 76881

CPT 76881 describes a complete joint ultrasound with real-time imaging and image documentation.

CPT Code 76882

CPT 76882 describes the real-time evaluation of joint space, peri-articular tendons, muscles, nerves, other soft-tissue structures, or soft-tissue masses with image documentation using limited ultrasound of nonvascular extremity structures.

CPT Code 76885

CPT 76885 describes an ultrasound of the infant’s hips in real-time with imaging documentation and dynamic manipulation requiring a physician or other qualified health care professional.

CPT Code 76886

CPT 76886 describes a limited, static ultrasound of an infant’s hips with real-time imaging documentation that does not require a physician or other qualified health care professional manipulation.

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