CPT Codes For Endovascular Therapy

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for endovascular therapy.

CPT Code 61623

CPT 61623 describes a procedure involving temporary endovascular balloon arterial occlusion of the head or neck, including selective catheterization, positioning and inflation of the occlusion balloon, concomitant neurological monitoring, and radiologic supervision and interpretation of all angiography required for balloon occlusion and to exclude vascular injury post occlusion.

CPT Code 61624

CPT 61624 describes transcatheter permanent occlusion or embolization for tumor destruction, hemostasis, or occlusion of a vascular malformation percutaneously for the central nervous system (intracranial, spinal cord).

CPT Code 61626

CPT 61626 describes transcatheter permanent occlusion or embolization for the non-central nervous system, head, or neck (extracranial, brachiocephalic branch) to achieve tumor destruction, hemostasis, or occlude a vascular malformation percutaneously, using any method.

CPT Code 61630

CPT 61630 describes percutaneous balloon angioplasty for intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis.

CPT Code 61635

CPT 61635 describes the transcatheter placement of an intravascular stent(s) intracranial, including balloon angioplasty, if performed, for atherosclerotic stenosis.

CPT Code 61640

CPT 61640 describes percutaneous balloon dilatation of an initial intracranial vessel for vasospasm.

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