CPT Codes For Examination, Homogenization And Concentration Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for examination, homogenization, and concentration procedures.

CPT Code 87164

CPT 87164 describes the dark-field examination of any source, including specimen collection, such as penile, vaginal, oral, and skin.

CPT Code 87166

CPT 87166 describes the dark-field examination of any source (e.g., penile, vaginal, oral, skin) without collection.

CPT Code 87168

CPT 87168 describes the macroscopic examination of an arthropod.

CPT Code 87169

CPT 87169 describes macroscopic examination for parasites.

CPT Code 87172

CPT 87172 describes a pinworm exam, such as a cellophane tape prep.

CPT Code 87176

CPT 87176 describes the homogenization of tissue for culture.

CPT Code 87177

CPT 87177 describes identifying and concentrating ova and parasites from direct smears.

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