CPT Codes For Excision Procedures On The Sympathetic Nerves

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for excision procedures on the sympathetic nerves.

CPT Code 64802

CPT 64802 describes cervical sympathectomy.

CPT Code 64804

CPT 64804 describes cervicothoracic sympathectomy.

CPT Code 64809

CPT 64809 describes thoracolumbar sympathectomy.

CPT Code 64818

CPT 64818 describes sympathectomy of the lumbar region.

CPT Code 64820

CPT 64820 describes sympathectomy of digital arteries, each digit.

CPT Code 64821

CPT 64821 describes sympathectomy of the radial artery.

CPT Code 64822

CPT 64822 describes a sympathectomy of the ulnar artery.

CPT Code 64823

CPT 64823 describes a sympathectomy of the superficial palmar arch.

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