CPT Codes For FNA Cytopathology Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for FNA cytopathology procedures.

CPT Code 88172

CPT 88172 describes an immediate cytohistologic study to determine the adequacy of diagnosing a fine needle aspirate for the first evaluation episode at each site.

CPT Code 88173

CPT 88173 describes the interpretation and report of a cytopathology evaluation of a fine needle aspirate.

CPT Code 88174

CPT 88174 describes automated thin layer preparation of cytopathology, cervical or vaginal, collected in preservative fluid, and screening by an automated system under physician supervision.

CPT Code 88175

CPT 88175 describes cytopathology services for cervical or vaginal specimens collected in preservative fluid, with automated thin layer preparation, screening by an automated system, and manual rescreening or review under physician supervision.

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