CPT Codes For Follow-Up Or Other Outcomes

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for follow-up or other outcomes.

CPT Code 5005F

CPT 5005F describes patient counseling on self-examination for new or changing moles (ML).

CPT Code 5010F

CPT 5010F describes findings of a dilated macular or fundus exam communicated to the physician or other qualified health care professional managing the diabetes care (EC).

CPT Code 5015F

CPT 5015F describes documentation of communication that a patient was or should be tested or treated for osteoporosis (OP) due to a fracture.

CPT Code 5020F

CPT 5020F describes the requirement to provide a treatment summary report to the physician(s) or other qualified health care professional(s) managing continuing care and to the patient within one month of completing treatment (ONC).

CPT Code 5050F

CPT 5050F describes the communication of a treatment plan to a provider managing continuing care within one month of diagnosis (ML).

CPT Code 5060F

CPT 5060F describes findings from a diagnostic mammogram being communicated to the practice managing the patient’s ongoing care within three business days of the exam interpretation (RAD).

CPT Code 5062F

CPT 5062F describes communicating findings from a diagnostic mammogram to the patient within five days of exam interpretation (RAD).

CPT Code 5100F

CPT 5100F describes the requirement to communicate the potential risk for the fracture to the referring physician or other qualified health care professional within 24 hours of completion of the imaging study (NUC_MED).

CPT Code 5200F

CPT 5200F describes the consideration of referral for a neurological evaluation to determine the appropriateness of surgical therapy for intractable epilepsy within the past three years.

CPT Code 5250F

CPT 5250F describes providing an asthma discharge plan to the patient.

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