CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Anus

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for incision procedures on the anus.

CPT Code 46020

CPT 46020 describes the placement of a seton.

CPT Code 46030

CPT 46030 describes the removal of an anal seton or another marker.

CPT Code 46040

CPT 46040 describes incision and drainage of ischiorectal and/or perirectal abscess as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 46045

CPT 46045 describes the incision and drainage of an intramural, intramuscular, or submucosal abscess transanally under anesthesia.

CPT Code 46050

CPT 46050 describes the incision and drainage of a superficial perianal abscess.

CPT Code 46060

CPT 46060 describes incision and drainage of an ischiorectal or intramural abscess, with fistulectomy or fistulotomy, submuscular, with or without seton placement.

CPT Code 46070

CPT 46070 describes an incision of the anal septum in an infant.

CPT Code 46080

CPT 46080 describes the sphincter division as a separate procedure through a sphincterotomy.

CPT Code 46083

CPT 46083 describes the incision of a thrombosed external hemorrhoid.

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