CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Lens Of The Eye

CPT 66820

CPT code 66820 is used to describe a procedure for the treatment of secondary membranous cataract. This involves the use of a stab incision technique, such as Ziegler or Wheeler knife, to remove the opacified posterior lens capsule and/or anterior hyaloid.

CPT 66821

CPT code 66821 is used to describe and explain laser surgery for secondary membranous cataract. This procedure involves the opacification of the posterior lens capsule and/or anterior hyaloid, and can be done in one or more stages. The laser surgery is used to improve vision and reduce the risk of complications.

CPT 66825

CPT code 66825 is used to reposition an intraocular lens prosthesis, which requires an incision to be made. This procedure is done separately from the original implantation of the lens prosthesis.

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