CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Lungs And Pleura

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for incision procedures on the lungs and pleura.

CPT Code 32035

CPT 32035 describes thoracostomy with rib resection for empyema.

CPT Code 32036

CPT 32036 describes thoracostomy with open flap drainage for empyema.

CPT Code 32096

CPT 32096 describes a thoracotomy with a diagnostic biopsy or biopsies of unilateral lung infiltrate, such as a wedge or incisional biopsy.

CPT Code 32097

CPT 32097 describes thoracotomy with diagnostic biopsy(ies) of unilateral lung nodule(s) or mass(es) such as wedge or incisional

CPT Code 32098

CPT 32098 describes thoracotomy with biopsy or biopsies of the pleura.

CPT Code 32100

CPT 32100 describes thoracotomy with exploration

CPT Code 32110

CPT 32110 describes thoracotomy with control of traumatic hemorrhage and/or repair of a lung tear.

CPT Code 32120

CPT 32120 describes thoracotomy for postoperative complications.

CPT Code 32124

CPT 32124 describes thoracotomy with open intrapleural pneumonolysis.

CPT Code 32140

CPT 32140 describes thoracotomy with cyst(s) removal, including pleural procedure when performed.

CPT Code 32141

CPT 32141 describes thoracotomy with resection-plication of bullae, which includes any pleural procedure when performed.

CPT Code 32150

CPT 32150 describes thoracotomy as removing an intrapleural foreign body or fibrin deposit.

CPT Code 32151

CPT 32151 describes thoracotomy with the removal of an intrapulmonary foreign body.

CPT Code 32160

CPT 32160 describes thoracotomy with a cardiac massage.

CPT Code 32200

CPT 32200 describes pneumonostomy with open drainage of abscess or cyst.

CPT Code 32215

CPT 32215 describes pleural scarification for repeat pneumothorax.

CPT Code 32220

CPT 32220 describes total decortication of the pulmonary as a separate procedure

CPT Code 32225

CPT 32225 describes partial decortication of the pulmonary area as a separate procedure.

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