CPT Codes For Incision Procedures On The Stomach

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for incision procedures on the stomach.

CPT Code 43500

CPT 43500 describes gastrotomy with exploration or foreign body removal.

CPT Code 43501

CPT 43501 describes a gastrotomy with suture repair of a bleeding ulcer.

CPT Code 43502

CPT 43502 describes suture repair of a pre-existing esophagogastric laceration (e.g., Mallory-Weiss) through a gastrotomy.

CPT Code 43510

CPT 43510 describes a gastrotomy with esophageal dilation and inserting a permanent intraluminal tube, such as a Celestin or Mousseaux-Barbin.

CPT Code 43520

CPT 43520 describes the Fredet-Ramstedt type operation, which involves cutting the pyloric muscle.

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