CPT Codes For Introduction Procedures On The Stomach

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for introduction procedures on the stomach.

CPT Code 43752

CPT 43752 describes the placement of a naso- or oro-gastric tube, which requires a physician’s skill and fluoroscopic guidance, including fluoroscopy, image documentation, and report.

CPT Code 43753

CPT 43753 describes therapeutic gastric intubation and aspiration(s), necessitating the physician’s skill (e.g., for gastrointestinal hemorrhage), including lavage, is performed.

CPT Code 43754

CPT 43754 describes gastric intubation and aspiration to obtain a single diagnostic specimen, such as an acid analysis.

CPT Code 43755

CPT 43755 describes the collection of multiple fractional specimens with gastric stimulation, single or double lumen tube (gastric secretory study) (e.g., histamine, insulin, pentagastrin, calcium, secretin) through gastric intubation and aspiration, diagnostic, including drug administration.

CPT Code 43756

CPT 43756 describes duodenal intubation and aspiration, diagnostic, which includes image guidance and a single specimen such as a bile study for crystals or afferent loop culture.

CPT Code 43757

CPT 43757 describes duodenal intubation and aspiration with image guidance, collection of multiple fractional specimens with pancreatic or gallbladder stimulation using a single or double lumen tube, and includes drug administration.

CPT Code 43761

CPT 43761 describes repositioning a naso- or oro-gastric feeding tube through the duodenum for enteric nutrition.

CPT Code 43762

CPT 43762 describes the removal of a gastrostomy tube, percutaneous, without imaging or endoscopic guidance, and does not require revision of the gastrostomy tract.

CPT Code 43763

CPT 43763 describes replacing a percutaneous gastrostomy tube, which includes removal when performed without imaging or endoscopic guidance and requiring revision of the gastrostomy tract.

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