CPT Codes For Introduction Procedures On The Vagina

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for introduction procedures on the vagina.

CPT Code 57150

CPT 57150 describes the irrigation of the vagina and/or the application of a medicament for treating bacterial, parasitic, or fungoid diseases.

CPT Code 57155

CPT 57155 describes the insertion of uterine tandem and/or vaginal ovoids for clinical brachytherapy.

CPT Code 57156

CPT 57156 describes inserting a vaginal radiation afterloading apparatus for clinical brachytherapy.

CPT Code 57160

CPT 57160 describes fitting and inserting a pessary or other intravaginal support device.

CPT Code 57170

CPT 57170 describes diaphragm or cervical cap fitting with instructions.

CPT Code 57180

CPT 57180 describes the introduction of any hemostatic agent or pack for spontaneous or traumatic non obstetrical vaginal hemorrhage as a separate procedure.

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