CPT Codes For Medical Radiation Physics, Dosimetry, Treatment Devices, And Special Services For Radiation Treatment

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for medical radiation physics, dosimetry, treatment devices, and special services for radiation treatment.

CPT Code 77295

CPT 77295 describes creating a 3-dimensional radiotherapy plan, including dose-volume histograms.

CPT Code 77300

CPT 77300 describes the calculation of basic radiation dosimetry, central axis depth dose, TDF, NSD, gap calculation, off-axis factor, tissue inhomogeneity factors, and calculation of non-ionizing radiation surface and depth dose, as required during treatment, only when prescribed by the treating physician.

CPT Code 77301

CPT 77301 describes creating an intensity-modulated radiotherapy plan, including dose-volume histograms for target and critical structure partial tolerance specifications.

CPT Code 77306

CPT 77306 describes a teletherapy isodose plan that includes one or two unmodified ports directed to a single area of interest and basic dosimetry calculation(s).

CPT Code 77307

CPT 77307 describes the complex teletherapy isodose plan, which includes multiple treatment areas, tangential ports, wedges, blocking, rotational beam, or special beam considerations, as well as basic dosimetry calculation(s).

CPT Code 77316

CPT 77316 describes basic dosimetry calculations for an isodose brachytherapy plan made from 1 to 4 sources or remote afterloading brachytherapy, one channel.

CPT Code 77317

CPT 77317 describes the isodose brachytherapy plan, including basic dosimetry calculations, with intermediate calculations from 5 to 10 sources or remote afterloading brachytherapy, 2-12 channels.

CPT Code 77318

CPT 77318 describes a complex brachytherapy isodose plan, including basic dosimetry calculations from over ten sources or remote afterloading over 12 channels.

CPT Code 77321

CPT 77321 describes a special teletherapy port plan for particles, hemibody, and total body.

CPT Code 77331

CPT 77331 describes special dosimetry (e.g., TLD, microdosimetry) (specify) when prescribed by the treating physician.

CPT Code 77332

CPT 77332 describes the design and construction of simple treatment devices such as blocks and boluses.

CPT Code 77333

CPT 77333 describes the design and construction of treatment devices such as multiple blocks, stents, bite blocks, and special boluses.

CPT Code 77334

CPT 77334 describes the design and construction of complex treatment devices, such as irregular blocks, special shields, compensators, wedges, molds, or casts.

CPT Code 77336

CPT 77336 describes continuing medical physics consultation, including assessment of treatment parameters, quality assurance of dose delivery, and review of patient treatment documentation supporting the radiation oncologist reported per week of therapy.

CPT Code 77338

CPT 77338 describes the design and construction of a Multi-leaf Collimator (MLC) device(s) for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) per the IMRT plan.

CPT Code 77370

CPT 77370 describes special medical radiation physics consultation.

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