CPT Codes For Organ Transplantation Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for organ transplantation procedures.

CPT Code 0494T

CPT 0494T describes the process of surgical preparation and cannulation of marginal (extended) cadaver donor lung(s) to an ex vivo organ perfusion system, as well as decannulation, separation from the perfusion system, and cold preservation of the allograft before implantation.

CPT Code 0495T

CPT 0495T describes the initiation and monitoring of a marginal (extended) cadaver donor lung(s) organ perfusion system by a physician or qualified health care professional, including physiological and laboratory assessment (e.g., pulmonary artery flow, pulmonary artery pressure, left atrial pressure, pulmonary vascular resistance, mean/peak and plateau airway pressure, dynamic compliance and perfusate gas analysis), as well as bronchoscopy and X-ray when performed, for the first two hours in a sterile field.

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