CPT Codes For Other Central Venous Access Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other central venous access procedures.

CPT Code 36591

CPT 36591 describes the collection of a blood specimen from a completely implantable venous access device.

CPT Code 36592

CPT 36592 describes the blood specimen collection using an established central or peripheral venous catheter that is not otherwise specified.

CPT Code 36593

CPT 36593 describes declotting an implanted vascular access device or catheter using a thrombolytic agent.

CPT Code 36595

CPT 36595 describes removing obstructive material from a central venous device via separate venous access using mechanical means.

CPT Code 36596

CPT 36596 describes the mechanical removal of intraluminal (intracatheter) obstructive material from a central venous device through the device’s lumen.

CPT Code 36597

CPT 36597 describes repositioning a previously placed central venous catheter under fluoroscopic guidance.

CPT Code 36598

CPT 36598 describes contrast injection(s) for radiologic evaluation of an existing central venous access device, including fluoroscopy, image documentation, and report.

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