CPT Codes For Other Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other diagnostic ultrasound procedures.

CPT Code 76975

CPT 76975 describes the supervision and interpretation of a gastrointestinal endoscopic ultrasound.

CPT Code 76977

CPT 76977 describes the ultrasound bone density measurement and interpretation of peripheral site(s) using any method.

CPT Code 76978

CPT 76978 describes ultrasound-guided dynamic microbubble sonographic contrast characterization (non-cardiac) for an initial lesion.

CPT Code 76981

CPT 76981 describes ultrasound elastography of parenchyma, such as an organ.

CPT Code 76982

CPT 76982 describes ultrasound elastography of the first target lesion.

CPT Code 76998

CPT 76998 describes the use of ultrasonic guidance during an intraoperative procedure.

CPT Code 76999

CPT 76999 describes an unlisted ultrasound procedure, such as a diagnostic or interventional one.

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