CPT Codes For Other Procedures For Maternity Care And Delivery

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other maternity care and delivery procedures.

CPT Code 59866

CPT 59866 describes Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction(s) (MPR).

CPT Code 59870

CPT 59870 describes uterine evacuation and curettage for hydatidiform mole.

CPT Code 59871

CPT 59871 describes the removal of a cerclage suture under anesthesia other than local.

CPT Code 59897

CPT 59897 describes an unlisted fetal invasive procedure, including ultrasound guidance, when performed.

CPT Code 59898

CPT 59898 describes an unlisted laparoscopy procedure, maternity care, and delivery.

CPT Code 59899

CPT 59899 describes an unlisted procedure for maternity care and delivery.

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