CPT Codes For Other Procedures On The Orbit

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other procedures on the orbit.

CPT Code 67500

CPT 67500 describes a retrobulbar injection procedure, which does not include the supply of medication.

CPT Code 67505

CPT 67505 describes a retrobulbar injection with alcohol.

CPT Code 67515

CPT 67515 describes injecting medication or other substances into Tenon’s capsule.

CPT Code 67550

CPT 67550 describes the insertion of an orbital implant outside a muscle cone.

CPT Code 67560

CPT 67560 describes the removal or revision of an orbital implant implanted outside the muscle cone.

CPT Code 67570

CPT 67570 describes incision or fenestration of the optic nerve sheath for optic nerve decompression.

CPT Code 67599

CPT 67599 describes an unlisted procedure for the orbit.

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