CPT Codes For Other Procedures On The Tongue And Floor Of Mouth

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for other procedures on the tongue and floor of the mouth.

CPT Code 41510

CPT 41510 describes suturing of the tongue to the lip for a Douglas-type procedure for micrognathia.

CPT Code 41512

CPT 41512 describes a permanent suture technique for tongue base suspension.

CPT Code 41520

CPT 41520 describes frenoplasty, a surgical revision of the frenum using a Z-plasty technique.

CPT Code 41530

CPT 41530 describes radiofrequency ablation of the tongue base performed on one or more sites in a single session.

CPT Code 41599

CPT 41599 describes an unlisted procedure involving the tongue and floor of the mouth.

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