CPT Codes For Radiation Treatment Management

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for radiation treatment management.

CPT Code 77427

CPT 77427 describes Radiation Treatment Management for a minimum of 5 treatments.

CPT Code 77431

CPT 77431 describes Radiation Therapy Management with a complete therapy course consisting of only 1 or 2 fractions.

CPT Code 77432

CPT 77432 describes managing a complete course of stereotactic radiation treatment for cranial lesion(s) in a single session.

CPT Code 77435

CPT 77435 describes managing a treatment course of stereotactic body radiation therapy to one or more lesions, including image guidance, with a maximum of five fractions.

CPT Code 77469

CPT 77469 describes Intraoperative radiation treatment management.

CPT Code 77470

CPT 77470 describes special treatment procedures such as total body irradiation, hemibody radiation, and per oral or endocavitary irradiation.

CPT Code 77499

CPT 77499 describes an unlisted therapeutic radiology treatment management procedure.

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