CPT Codes For Radical Lymphadenectomy (Radical Resection Of Lymph Nodes)

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for radical lymphadenectomy (radical resection of lymph nodes).

CPT Code 38700

CPT 38700 describes a suprahyoid lymphadenectomy.

CPT Code 38720

CPT 38720 describes a complete cervical lymphadenectomy.

CPT Code 38724

CPT 38724 describes modified radical neck dissection for cervical lymphadenectomy.

CPT Code 38740

CPT 38740 describes a superficial axillary lymphadenectomy.

CPT Code 38745

CPT 38745 describes a complete axillary lymphadenectomy.

CPT Code 38760

CPT 38760 describes Inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy, superficial, including Cloquet’s node, as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 38765

CPT 38765 describes Inguinofemoral lymphadenectomy, superficial, in continuity with pelvic lymphadenectomy, including external iliac, hypogastric, and obturator nodes, as a separate procedure.

CPT Code 38770

CPT 38770 describes pelvic lymphadenectomy as a separate procedure, including external iliac, hypogastric, and obturator nodes.

CPT Code 38780

CPT 38780 describes a separate procedure for an extensive retroperitoneal transabdominal lymphadenectomy, including pelvic, aortic, and renal nodes.

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