CPT Codes For Removal Or Repair Of Casts And Strapping

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for removing or repairing casts and strapping.

CPT Code 29700

CPT 29700 describes removing or bivalving a gauntlet, boot, or body cast.

CPT Code 29705

CPT 29705 describes removing or bivalving an entire arm or leg cast.

CPT Code 29710

CPT 29710 describes removing or bivalving a shoulder or hip spica, Minerva, or Risser jacket, etc.

CPT Code 29720

CPT 29720 describes the repair of a spica, body cast, or jacket.

CPT Code 29730

CPT 29730 describes the process of creating a window in a cast.

CPT Code 29740

CPT 29740 describes wedging of casts, excluding those used for clubfoot.

CPT Code 29750

CPT 29750 describes wedging of a clubfoot cast.

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