CPT Codes For Surgical Procedures On The Pulmonary Valve

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for surgical procedures on the pulmonary valve.

CPT Code 33471

CPT 33471 describes a valvotomy of the pulmonary valve performed via the pulmonary artery in a closed heart procedure.

CPT Code 33474

CPT 33474 describes open heart valvotomy of the pulmonary valve with cardiopulmonary bypass.

CPT Code 33475

CPT 33475 describes the replacement of the pulmonary valve.

CPT Code 33476

CPT 33476 describes right ventricular resection for infundibular stenosis, with or without commissurotomy.

CPT Code 33477

CPT 33477 describes transcatheter pulmonary valve implantation, including pre-stenting of the valve delivery site, when performed percutaneously.

CPT Code 33478

CPT 33478 describes outflow tract augmentation (gusset) with or without commissurotomy or infundibular resection.

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