CPT Codes For Venous Catheterization, Therapeutic Apheresis And Photopheresis Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for venous catheterization, therapeutic apheresis, and photopheresis procedures.

CPT Code 36500

CPT 36500 describes venous catheterization for selective organ blood sampling.

CPT Code 36510

CPT 36510 describes catheterization of the umbilical vein for diagnosis or therapy in newborns.

CPT Code 36511

CPT 36511 describes therapeutic apheresis for white blood cells.

CPT Code 36512

CPT 36512 describes therapeutic apheresis for red blood cells.

CPT Code 36513

CPT 36513 describes therapeutic apheresis for platelets.

CPT Code 36514

CPT 36514 describes therapeutic apheresis for plasma pheresis.

CPT Code 36516

CPT 36516 describes therapeutic apheresis with extracorporeal immunoadsorption, selective adsorption, filtration, and plasma reinfusion.

CPT Code 36522

CPT 36522 describes photopheresis, an extracorporeal procedure.

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