CPT Codes For Virus Isolation Procedures

Below is a list summarizing the CPT codes for virus isolation procedures.

CPT Code 87250

CPT 87250 describes the observation and dissection of virus isolation and inoculation of embryonated eggs or small animals.

CPT Code 87252

CPT 87252 describes the process of virus isolation, tissue culture inoculation, observation, and presumptive identification by cytopathic effect.

CPT Code 87253

CPT 87253 describes isolating a virus, performing tissue culture, and conducting additional studies or definitive identification (e.g., hemabsorption, neutralization, immunofluorescence stain) for each isolate.

CPT Code 87254

CPT 87254 describes virus isolation using a centrifuge-enhanced (shell vial) technique, including identification with an immunofluorescence stain for each virus.

CPT Code 87255

CPT 87255 describes the identification of a virus by non-immunologic methods other than by cytopathic effects, such as virus-specific enzymatic activity.

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